Pizza Products

This is my list of Products that make the authentic pizza easier to make.

Ovens – A Wood Fired Oven is essential, no buts. A wood fired oven will reach temperatures in excess of 500℃. Why is this important? Two words…starch and maillard.

In a regular oven, the temperature of the oven is too low, resulting in the doughs starch network solidifying too much. In  a wood fired oven, the network does not have time to dry out, and when it comes out of the oven, it still has a softness similar to the original dough (we are talking Neapolitan here).

With an increased heat comes increased browning reactions between the starch and the proteins in the dough (the maillard reaction), thus more flavour

The Neapolitan Wood Fired Oven is a perfect balance between the 3 cooking methods of conduction, convection and radiation.

Peels and Boards – This brand (in my opinion) produces some of the best pizza utensils you will ever need. A good ergonomic tool is invaluable when working at the oven, a heavy peel is unnecessary. The GI Metal peels come in various shapes and styles, and the turning peels come with a moveable handle for really easy control (no more cardboard handle!)


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